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National Self Care Awareness Month

September is National Self Care Awareness Month


If you were to ask what I would title Chapter 30, I would reply, “How I Maintain”.

My first hour is dedicated to me and God. During this time I set the tone for the day. I:

✨ Give thanks

✨ Make up my bed

✨ Read the Verse of the Day and Devotion

✨ Listen to the Message of the Day

✨ Read the Mantra/Affirmation of the Day

✨ Pray

✨ Say out loud with a big smile on my face, "today is going to be a great day!"

✨ Turn on my God is Great playlist (link in bio)

✨ Hygiene

✨ Eat a tablespoon of seamoss, elderberry syrup and take my vitamins

✨ Have a glass of water and eat breakfast

I maintain my mental, emotional, physical health and spiritual wellbeing by:

✨ Praying without ceasing

✨ Keeping a positive mindset

✨ Staying in control of what I can (how I respond)

✨ Being aware of what I consume (nutrition, how I think, speak, what I listen to and watch)

✨ Being aware of the energy I give and receive

✨ Taking time to myself

“Self Care Sunday” is a routine I began a few months ago. Although you can also have a daily self care routine, having a designated self care day is something I strongly believe everyone should incorporate into their lifestyle. During this time I relax, reflect, reset and refocus.

I maintain my peace, happiness, a clear and calm mind by performing my self care routine which may include:

💛 Journaling

💛 Monthly massage (Pamper Us Mobile Massage Service)

💛 Monthly pedicure

💛 Stretching (StretchLab Huntersville)

💛 Embracing nature's blessings (park or lake)

Performing a self care routine will reduce overthinking, frustration, anxiety, depression, etc. Make sure your routine includes behaviors that will elevate your mind, body and spirit. A routine that will bring:

💛 A Clear Mind

💛 Relaxation

💛 Peace

💛 Happiness

💛 Growth / Elevation

I hope this will inspire someone today

As always, Be Great and Elevate! ✨

Love y’all, Demetria 💛

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