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Annual Birthday Community Outreach Event

On my 28th birthday (June 18th, 2019) I began a tradition where I would give back to community members of my home city, Charlotte, North Carolina. Due to COVID last year in 2020, I was unfortunately unable to do so on my 29th birthday. Today, I continued my tradition with the love and support of my family and friends!

Not only did my friends and I provide bags full of necessities, we also took the time out to speak with them. Although there are more than 60 men, women and children who need these items, I am grateful we were able to be a blessing in the lives that we reached.

Giving back with the support of the people who consistently nurture my growth and pour positive energy into my life is how I celebrate my life and the final days of my 20s. Giving back means more to me than receiving anything materialistic for my birthday.

Discovering my purpose and walking in it (not fully yet) is a beautiful journey. I give God all of the praise that I have been able to continue to inspire, motivate and encourage others to Be Great and Elevate! I thank God for a clear mind and the patience to see what His purpose was for me and the vision of my business, I Define Me Fitness!

Special thank you to my amazing parents Althea and Darry Stewart who offered their helping hands yesterday as I prepared for today! Thank you for being such great parents, for raising and teaching me how important it is to have a kind and loving heart! Know that I am beyond blessed and grateful for you two! I love you!!

Special thank you to my friends (those who were able to attend) Shemea, Jovie, Brianca, Dorian and his daughter for being a part of my birthday tradition, but thank you for shining your light as well!

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