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If you enjoy aerobics, group exercise classes and gospel music, then Aerobic Praise is the perfect class for you! All ages and fitness levels are welcome to attend this 30 minute class.


Fitness Training

Do you feel comfortable exercising in the comfort of your own home? Morning and evening virtual classes and 1-on-1 sessions are offered for all fitness levels! Every 45 minute class and session consists of great energy, modifications and hard work!



In this fun and energetic 30 minute class, you will perform full body aerobic exercises while sitting. Chair aerobics is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and for individuals with limited mobility!


Fitness Training

Bring a plus one and attend a 45 minute Partner Fitness Training class. Encourage one another as you two work together towards achieving your fitness goals through bodyweight exercises!

Small Group

Fitness Training

Do you have a small group of three to five individuals you would like to privately exercise with? If yes, schedule a small group fitness session!

Large Group

Fitness Training

Gather your family, friends and/or coworkers in a group of six to ten and schedule a large group fitness session. It's nothing like having fun while surrounded by an encouraging group of individuals you will exercise with towards achieving your fitness goals!

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