I Define Me Fitness Cares

As a Charlotte native, Demetria ensures that I Define Me Fitness is dedicated and focused on assisting those who are in need within the Charlotte community. This includes providing individuals and families with food, clothing, toiletries and other essential items they need to live a healthy, happy and successful life.


I Define Me Fitness also provide's services to local programs 

and organize events within the Charlotte community that are focused around health, fitness and community engagement.

Community Toiletrie Bags

Demetria walked the streets of downtown Charlotte on her birthday to provide bags fulls of toiletries to those in need within the community.

Annual Skills Clinic,

Celebrity Game

At Olympic High School's Annual Basketball Skills Clinic & Celebrity Game, the children were led in a warm-up and taught the important of why it is necessary to warm-up and stretch prior to participating in a physical activity.