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Client Reviews

Listen and read what people have to say about I Define Me Fitness!

"I want to let everyone know what a great fitness instructor and motivated Demetria is. The workouts are outstanding! Demetria is really faithful and passionate in helping people get healthy and fit. I was invited to check out her class on Monday night and have been in attendance every since. Demetria will meet you at your level! I feel my body getting stronger, tighter and lighter over the weeks of training in the class."

- Carolyn

"Dee is great! She's patient but at the same time very thorough and knowledgeable with the exercises and circuits she's having you to perform! She pushes you to the very last second even if I personally feel like I can't do it! Very flexible and practice with making sure I stay on track of my goals!"

- Brianca

"Demetria is with you every step of the way! You have moments where you want to give up but she won't let you and I promise you will leave feeling better than every!!!!"

- Olivia

"Demetria has been such a blessing! I have been attending her cardio class for a little over a year and I've truly enjoyed it. She challenges me to push myself each week."

- Javonda

"Great source of information needed

to improve my well being. Quick to

respond whenever I reach out. I

would recommend her to anyone."

- Byron Jr.

"Demetria, of 'I Define Me Fitness LLC', is such an empowering fitness instructor; she has been patient, as well as, encouraging throughout every session. I've never experienced a personal trainer that really cares about her client's goals, while also considering my level of comfortability. I recommend 'I Define Me Fitness LLC' if you're interested in jump starting your fitness journey. Demetria is awesome!"

- Shemea

"Demetria does an excellent job with training her clients. She is more than just a fitness coach. She has great positive energy that makes you want to get up and be great! She also does a great job of coaching you up during the workouts while also doing all of the exercises with you. I have been attending her virtual classes during COVID 19 and it has been a great experience! I am glad I started working out with her class. She is doing a great job and I would definitely recommend her!"

- Celeste

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