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Listen and read below what the community has to say

about I Define Me Fitness

What The Clients Say


Zari C.

"Just completed my first month training with Demetria. She is a great trainer who is always encouraging and pushes you to do your best. The virtual classes on Mon/Wed/Fri really keep me active throughout the week and she even provides suggestions on how to keep active on our active recovery days. I have been looking for a trainer ever since I moved here last year, and I Define Me Fitness provides the best price for its value in the Charlotte area by far. I am only 1 month in, and I can see the results in the mirror already, Demetria uses a great approach to weight loss and strength training."


Celeste S.

"Demetria does an excellent job with training her clients. She is more than just a fitness coach. She has great positive energy that makes you want to get up and be great! She also does a great job of coaching you up during the workouts while also doing all of the exercises with you. I have been attending her virtual classes during COVID 19 and it has been a great experience! I am glad I started working out with her class. She is doing a great job and I would definitely recommend her!"


Shemea W.

"Demetria, of 'I Define Me Fitness LLC', is such an empowering fitness instructor; she has been patient, a well as, encouraging throughout every session. I've never experienced a personal trainer that really cares about her client's goals, while also considering my level of comfortability. I recommend 'I Define Me Fitness LLC' if you're interested in jump starting your fitness journey. Demetria is awesome!"


Enchantis C.

"Demetria is truly a one of a kind trainer. She not only focuses on your physical health, but she pays attention to your mental and emotional health. She encourages you through every exercise. She is very professional and flexible. She holds you accountable and truly want what’s best for your health needs."

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